Metallic Paint Collection. Step-by-Step Application.

A properly prepared surface should be primed with acrylic primer. The color of the primer may be white, however, when using bright or dark METALLIC PAINT COLLECTION colors it is advised that a primer similar in color is used.
When painting a surface bigger than 1m2 it is obligatory to use EXTENDER FOR ROLLING. It should be used METALLIC PAINT COLLECTION is a series of water based paints with metallic gloss that can be applied using air sprayers (if you want to be sure the surface will be completely free from brush and roller marks) brush and roller (brush and roller marks may be visible, however, it creates the opportunity to create new variations on the surface). If you prefer to have as few roller marks as possible, the trick is to roll the wall like normal paint, and in each section that roll (when the roller is almost empty and before you reload the roller) start at the top and pull the roller straight down one direction over the entire section with the roller that is almost out of paint. Do this over the entire section you just painted all one direction down only not up and down. By doing this, you are flipping all the little mica flakes in a downward direction and the mica will reflect light in all the same direction showing very little roller marks if any.
If you want to receive an even coverage the paint requires 2 or 3 coats (depending from the color). Each of the colors can be used as a glaze all you need to do is add the extender to the paint in the ratio of 4:1. Thanks to that you will receive a transparent, metallic varnish.
METALLIC PAINT COLLECTION may be used inside and outside. When used on an exterior surface the paint should be topcoated with two coats of MASTER CLEAR. It will protect the paint from exposure to dirt and traffic.

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