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Green patina effect. Step by step.

Start with painting a properly prepared surface with ACID BLOKING PRIMER (a water based primer). When using Metal Effects system it is crucial to cover the entire surface with ACID BLOCKING PRIMER very carefully (2-3 coats). The primer protects the surface against possible corrosion. Use a roller, brush or paint sprayer for application. Apply the second coat only after the first one is dry. Drying time for one coat is approximately 2 hours.

After at least 12 hours apply COPPER PAINT (using a roller, brush or airless paint sprayer). Leave the first coat to dry (approx. 1-2 hours; low temperatures and high humidity can prolong the dry time). Apply the second coat.

Immediately after applying the second coat of COPPER PAINT apply GREEN PATINA AGING SOLUTION. The solution should be poured to a bottle with a sprayer. Apply the solution on a wet copper paint. Repeat the application after 15 minutes.

A surface coated with GREEN PATINA does not require any additional protection.
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